Monday, May 30, 2011

And then he turns 3!!

I swear, it feels like yesterday. We had a small list of names in Fred's pocket, a little one at home who had no idea of how much his world would change (Bernardo was 1.8) and to be honest, I was dying to empty the biggest belly you have ever seen in your life! Baby came out, Fred goes around the table to take a good look at him and yells from the other side of the curtain - "He looks like Miguel!!". "Okay" I replied, "so Miguel it is"!

A few hours later, already in my room, the nurse brings my little bundle and I get to really look at him for the first time. Ugly as a duckling, with a head so round and a nose so spread across his face that to me he looked a lot like Samuel and nothing like Miguel. I told my mom: "this one is 100% Jewish!!"

Miguel, I love you. I love you with all that I am, with all my heart and some more. You were the best addition to our little family, the best son we could have asked for, the cutest and funniest blond I have every seen in my life and the best friend we could have asked for Bernardo. You're genuine, caring and ALL mine! I am the proudest mom and sooooo thankful for having the opportunity to take you under my wings, to give you your own and to one day, see you fly. I hope it takes a long time for this day to come.......

Happy 3rd Birthday Blondie! We love you beyond your wildest imagination :))


on my 8th month I think.... I wouldn't dare to post my last pregnant picture!!

Miguelito a week or so old.... looking better by the day!

cute as ever in Jamaica getting his weekly tan :) about 3 months old

in Puerto Rico strolling around Fort San Felipe - maybe 6 months old?!

Miguel's 1st Bday at home with Grandma Wanda, Popeye, Phil and Salua

with mommy at Luxembourg Gardens, Paris (1.2 years old)

tanning again, now at the pool at MGM Hotel in Las Vegas!

with mommy, daddy and Bernardo at the Grand Canyon - pretty!!!

with daddy at the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas in Cartagena, Colombia

Miguel's 2nd Bday at Bay Harbour Park with the Steinbekks!

Running around the streets of Zurich, Switzerland

Enjoying a chocolate freddo in Lindau, Germany

Watching over the scenery with Bernardo in beautiful Hallstatt, Austria

Pointing out an airplane flying by in Prague, Czech Republic

Legoland's water park in Germany

Up at Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro

With his big brother and best pal Bernardo in Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay

Yesterday with his new boyish haircut at his 3rd Bday party at Vovo Ana's house!

Monday, March 14, 2011

So long grandpa

I haven't been around here for sooooo long.... and I wish I had had the time to come with happier news, stories of our travels, pictures of the kids and their journey at adapting in Brazil. Instead, today, I come with a broken heart to share another kind of journey, the one that my grandpa started today.

Those lucky ones who have met him, even if only for 5 minutes would agree with me - what a strong man! Strong in character, strong in ethics, strong in heart and strong physically: he could lift you up with one finger and oh boy we loved that!! He used to pretend he was a tug boat and pull us around the ocean in Bombinhas.... or pretend he was a ferry wheel and turn us around while singing a happy tune.

He was a visionary, a great businessman and an entrepreneur. A lover of tango, good wine and having his family around.

No one has ever cheered for Brazil during world cup like him... or to his beloved Botafogo. No one has ever had a bigger desire to live and to see life, to travel and to tell stories, to be proud of all that he accomplished in life coming from poor beginnings. He owned his first pair of shoes at the age of 8 and today will be buried bare feet.

Vo, you have been an inspiration and the best example in my life. Hope you find peace around those who already left us as we will by keeping you alive in our hearts.